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doom master
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PostSubject: doom master's profile   Wed Mar 04, 2009 2:47 pm

Brawlers Name: Darkus Master

Gender: Male


Physical Appearance:Blue eyes and Brown hair

Personality: Kind,Happy and all ways ready to brawl.

Likes/Dislikes: likes bakugan/dislikes none

Type : Darkus

Bakugan: Fortress (400Gs),Saurus (350Gs),Centiploid (340Gs),Siege ( 360Gs),
Mantris ( 390Gs), Robotallian (340Gs),Preyas (350Gs),Falconeer (350Gs)..

Ability Cards:

face of rage - Gives Fortress 100Gs.
siege switch - changes siege's type ..
Magnetism - it puts any bakugan on to your gate card
Darkus Star - it gives a darkus bakugan 50Gs and decreases any haos and sub terra by 50Gs ..
Face of disguise - The last bakugan thrown is returned to its owner but takes away 100Gs from Fortress.
Face of disgust - it Negates an ability card.

Fusion Ability Cards:

Darkus Blast - Gives a darkus bakugan 100Gs boost but used only once in a brawl...

Command Cards:
Copy Cat - your allowed to use a ability card already used..
Transformation -your bakugan gets the power level of the highest G power
leveled bakugan in your team
Reversal - lowest Gs win
Biohazad - the Gs turn negative

Gate Cards:
Mine Ghost - all bakugan on that card are finished..
Darkus Moon - Both Darkus and Pyres bakugan lose 90Gs in the battle..
Static Shock - It decreases a Aquos and pyrus bakugan by 80Gs
but gives a Ventus bakugan 70Gs..
Blinding Gate -The bakugan with the lowest G power level total wins.
Quick Sand Freeze-The enemy bakugan is trapped in that card.
Triple Battle-Brings another bakugan to the field.

Character Cards:
one for every one of my bakugan

special ability cards

Supernova - Switches the Gs around
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PostSubject: Re: doom master's profile   Mon Mar 09, 2009 4:26 pm


img]Red Rank

Darkus Bakugan:

Darkus Alpha Hydranoid 550g's

Darkus Laserman 390g's

Darkus Reaper 380g's

Darkus Siege 350g's

Darkus Sublatiod 350gs

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doom master
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PostSubject: Re: doom master's profile   Thu Mar 12, 2009 3:10 pm

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PostSubject: Re: doom master's profile   

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doom master's profile
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