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 Ant'432 Profile

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PostSubject: Ant'432 Profile   Tue Jun 24, 2008 10:58 pm

Is this the right place?
Please move if it's not!

Name - Major A

Age - 12

Personality - kind, funny, sometimes get really pissed off

Likes: Bakugan: being on Darkus team, Flatout 2

Dislikes: Reading, Playing with my sister.


{Darkus} - Fear Ripper (370 Gs), Hydranoid (400 Gs)/GUARDIAN, Stinglash (370 Gs), Mantris (370 Gs), Saurus (370 Gs), Serpenoid (370 Gs), Griffon (370 Gs), Robotallian (370 Gs), Reaper (370 Gs), Laserman (370 Gs)


Gate Cards:
-Character Cards - from this card, the assigned bakugan gets his power Gs doubled
-Androstasis - Return all bakugan on this Gate Card back to their owners
-Double Battle - the player gets to shoot another Bakugan
-Energy Merge - the first bakugan on the field can steal 100Gs from the bakugan that was shot last
-Intercept - stops 2 bakugans on the same card from fighting until 1 Bakugan is moved
-Wall Lock - Neutralize your opponent's active Ability card
-Reloaded - Increase your bakugan on this Gate Card by 100 Gs for every bakugan you have on the battlefield
-Trade Off - If your opponent's bakugan has 400 Gs or higher in power, you automatically defeat it
-Positive Delta - If you are a Ventus, Darkus, or SubTerra bakugan, decrease an Aquos, Pyrus, or Haos bakugan by 200 Gs. If you are a Pyrus, Aquos, or Haos bakugan, decrease a Darkus, Ventus, or SubTerra bakugan by 200 Gs. If you are attacked by one of the bakugan in your combination triangle, YOUR bakugan is decreased by 200 Gs.
-Joker's Wild - If there is a Darkus attributed bakugan on this Gate Card, it wins automatically. If there are two Darkus bakugan on this Gate Card, continue the round without Gate Card effects
-Grand Spirit - Increase your bakugan's power level by 50 Gs for every Gate Card your opponent has played in this brawl.

-Leap Sting - Lets a Darkus attributed bakugan attack an opponent on a different card zone.
-Co-relation between Darkus and Haos - Darkus gains 100G
-Co-relation between Darkus and Aquos - Darkus gains 100G
-Pyrus vs. Darkus relationship - Darkus gains 100G
-Triple Node - If you possess a Haos, Pyrus, and Aquos, or a SubTerra, Ventus, and Darkus bakugan on the field at once, increase each's power level by 200 Gs.
-Spice Slayer - Transfer 100 Gs from your opponent's bakugan to your Darkus attributed bakugan
-Chaos of Darkness - Allows your Darkus bakugan to attack anywhere on the battlefield
-Slash Zero - Increase your Fear Ripper's power level by 80 Gs
-Robotallian Enforcement - Increase your Robotallian bakugan by 50 Gs
-Saurus Glow - Increase 1 Saurus' power level by 50 Gs
-Gravity Chamber - If you have a Darkus bakugan in battle, force all of your opponent's bakugan on the field over to that Darkus bakugan's Gate Card
-Ability Counter - Negate your opponent's Ability Card
-Twin Machete - Increase your Mantris' power level by 100 Gs
-Gazer Exedra - Increase your Hydranoid's or Dual Hydranoid's power level by 100 Gs.

Special Abilities:
-Grand Down - Allows your Darkus bakugan to nullify your opponent's Gate Card
-Reverse Blow - Return your bakugan back to your arsenal during mid-battle
-Dimension 4 - Nullify opponent's gate card
-Double Dimension - Negates opponent's ability card
-Merge Shield - Replicate and increase your Darkus bakugan's power level by however many Gs your opponent's bakugan has gained in this battle.
-Doom Companion - Destroy all bakugan on the Gate Card you've activated this card for.
-Revive - Return all of your lost bakugan to your arsenal.

Fusion Abilities:
-Distraction Buster - Negates your opponent's Ability card.
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PostSubject: Re: Ant'432 Profile   Wed Jun 25, 2008 4:44 pm


img]Red Rank

Darkus Bakugan:

Darkus Alpha Hydranoid 550g's

Darkus Laserman 390g's

Darkus Reaper 380g's

Darkus Siege 350g's

Darkus Sublatiod 350gs

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PostSubject: Re: Ant'432 Profile   Thu Jun 26, 2008 6:40 am

Approved, but on the Co-relation between Darkus and Haos, Haos is the one that gets a boost.
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PostSubject: Re: Ant'432 Profile   Thu Jun 26, 2008 8:58 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Ant'432 Profile   

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Ant'432 Profile
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