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PostSubject: My Profile.   My Profile. Icon_minitimeFri Jun 27, 2008 2:38 pm

Name: Alice (Not real name although my name starts with A)
Age: 14 (not real age)
Description: Brown eyes (true), orange hair (false), yello and green top (have one not exactly like it, 'lil different)
Brawler Attribute: Darkus

Bakugan Info.
Gaurdian Bakugan: Darkus Hydranoid 400g
Darkus Dragonoid 370g
Darkus Preyas 370g
Darkus Saurus 370g
Darkus Falconeer 400g
Darkus Tirgrerra 370g
Darkus Stinglash 370g
Darkus Griffon 370g
Darkus Robotallian 380g
Darkus Reaper 380g
Darkus Serpanoid 250g
Darkus Gorem 380g
Darkus Laserman 380g
Darkus Centapoid 250g
Darkus Fear Ripper 300g


Gate Cards:
-Trade Off - If your opponent's bakugan has 400 Gs or higher in power, you automatically defeat it
-Double Battle - the player gets to shoot another Bakugan
-Energy Merge - the first bakugan on the field can steal 100Gs from the bakugan that was shot last
-Reloaded - Increase your bakugan on this Gate Card by 100 Gs for every bakugan you have on the battlefield
energy merge: transfers opponets bakugan loses 100 gs and it goes to ur bakugan
-Positive Delta - If you are a Ventus, Darkus, or SubTerra bakugan, decrease an Aquos, Pyrus, or Haos bakugan by 200 Gs. If you are a Pyrus, Aquos, or Haos bakugan, decrease a Darkus, Ventus, or SubTerra bakugan by 200 Gs. If you are attacked by one of the bakugan in your combination triangle, YOUR bakugan is decreased by 200 Gs.
magnetsim:brings an opponet bakugan on any card that has ur bakugan on it
-Grand Spirit - Increase your bakugan's power level by 50 Gs for every Gate Card your opponent has played in this brawl.

Ability Cards:

Leap sting:lets laserman attack any bakugan
Crystal Fangs:Tigrerra gains 80 G
torpedo(xs 2):cuts gs in half
-Ability Counter - Negate your opponent's Ability Card
-Twin Machete - Increase your Mantris' power level by 100 Gs
-Gazer Exedra - Increase your Hydranoid's or Dual Hydranoid's power level by 100 Gs.
-Triple Node - If you possess a Haos, Pyrus, and Aquos, or a SubTerra, Ventus, and Darkus bakugan on the field at once, increase each's power level by 200 Gs.
-Spice Slayer - Transfer 100 Gs from your opponent's bakugan to your Darkus attributed bakugan
boosted dragon:+50 gs to a dragonoid
Blow Away:sends bakugan back to the owner
Quicksand Freeze:Bakugan gets trapped on the gate card
Triple Battle:You get to throw in 1 more bakugan
Ability Cards:Copycat:Copy anything that has been used.
Gate switch:switches gate cards
Mind Ghost:Both bakugan are destroyed
Cut in Saber:Tigrerra- Can enter any battle

-Leap Sting - Lets a Darkus attributed bakugan attack an opponent on a different card zone.
-Co-relation between Darkus and Haos - Darkus gains 100G
-Co-relation between Darkus and Aquos - Darkus gains 100G
-Slash Zero - Increase your Fear Ripper's power level by 80 Gs
-Robotallian Enforcement - Increase your Robotallian bakugan by 50 Gs
-Saurus Glow - Increase 1 Saurus' power level by 50 Gs

Special ability:
Supernova Bakugan swap g power
-Grand Down - Allows your Darkus bakugan to nullify your opponent's Gate Card
-Reverse Blow - Return your bakugan back to your arsenal during mid-battle
-Dimension 4 - Nullify opponent's gate card
-Merge Shield - Replicate and increase your Darkus bakugan's power level by however many Gs your opponent's bakugan has gained in this battle.

-Doom Companion - Destroy all bakugan on the Gate Card you've activated this card for.
-Revive - Return all of your lost bakugan to your arsenal.
-fusion ability:stunt fire gives dragonoid 200gs boost.
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